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Company Profile

HUAXIAN company is DEDICATED TO BE AN ADVANCED SUPPLIER OF FRESH CARE SOLUTIONS in global range to serve agriculture, fishery and food industry with advanced fresh preservation technology, so as to create biggest commercial value for customers by improving fresh quality. Mainly involve in research, design, manufacture, market and sale of fast pre-cooling/cooling equipment, cold room & blast freezer, dryer equipment and ice machine. Starting from year 2008 on technology and experience accumulation, HUAXIAN strives to create unique values for customers and distributors, also keeping long term cooperation business relationship. Our belief is ‘Only professionalism creates unique values, only cooperation extends long term developments’.

What We Do

HUAXIAN is engaged in fresh care by refrigeration and providing best fresh care solutions on food, meat, seafood, fruit and vegetable by HUAXIAN quality refrigeration equipment and sophisticated technology, so as to maximum prolong shelf life and keep original freshness to create beneficial market values. Presently, our main market is in China, America, Europe, South East Asia and Australia, gradually more and more customers lay trust on us and choose us on cooperation. Our team is hoping to provide technology and wisdom for your cases.

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Our Advantage

Energy Saving01

Energy Saving

Energy saving is our constant pursue as it is related with customer’s investment yield rate. Our design proposal is fully based on energy saving and consumption reducing.

After-sale Service

After-sale Service

After-sale service is attached importance by us, as normal machine running quite related with customer’s core benefits. We are trying our best guarantee machine running and reduce possible failure rate by these measurements including quality check & control.



7/24 remote technology support, periodically checking system, professional and detailed maintenance manual and local distributor of office service.

HUAXIAN is a common member of excellent equipment suppliers in China, but we proud of Chinese excellent refrigeration fresh equipment as its best cost performance, satisfying performance and service, and it is also developing and innovating day by day with development of industry and technology.