National Modern Facility Agriculture Construction Plan

(1) Improve the network of refrigeration and preservation facilities in production areas. Focusing on key towns and central villages, support relevant entities to rationally build ventilation storage, mechanical cold storage, air-conditioned storage, pre-cooling and supporting facilities and equipment and other production area refrigeration and preservation facilities and commercial processing facilities and equipment according to the actual needs of industrial development, and continuously improve The comprehensive utilization efficiency of facilities can meet the needs of field storage, preservation and post-production processing; support rural collective economic organizations in building public refrigeration and preservation facilities, give priority to poverty-stricken villages in need, and strengthen the new rural collective economy.

(2) Promote the cold chain logistics service network to sink into rural areas. Encourage and guide postal express delivery, supply and marketing cooperatives, e-commerce, commercial circulation and other entities to use the advantages of existing circulation networks to improve and improve the functions and service capabilities of cold chain logistics facilities, optimize field collection, trunk and branch connection transportation and rural express delivery, and extend to rural areas The cold chain logistics service network creates a new two-way cold chain logistics channel for upstream agricultural products and downstream fresh consumer goods. Promote the digital and intelligent construction of refrigerated fresh-keeping facilities that are realistic and improve the informatization level of cold chain logistics in places of origin.

(3) Cultivate a group of agricultural product circulation entities. It is necessary to make full use of relevant policies such as the cultivation of high-quality farmers and the training of rural practical talent leaders, focusing on the main operators of refrigerated fresh-keeping facilities, and adopting various forms such as classroom teaching, on-site teaching, and online teaching to cultivate a group of people with the ability to organize supply and post-production processing. , cold chain circulation and other capabilities of origin suppliers. Promote the implementation of the agricultural brand development strategy, take advantage of the cold chain facility network and sales channels, and enhance the collection and distribution capabilities, quality control capabilities, and commercial processing capabilities of agricultural products through organized, intensive, and standardized cold chain circulation to create a number of regional public brands, Corporate branding and product branding.

(4)Innovate the cold chain logistics operation model of a batch of agricultural products. Relying on the cold chain logistics facility network in the place of origin, we encourage operating entities to strengthen cooperation with cold chain logistics enterprises, jointly build and share, cooperate and jointly operate, and form supporting networks to focus on solving problems such as land and electricity, supporting facilities, and efficient operations; strengthen direct access from the place of production to the place of sale Build cold chain logistics service capabilities, improve supply chain organization capabilities, promote direct supply and direct sales circulation models from origin, and help solve the problem of "difficulty selling" of agricultural products in poverty-stricken areas; carry out clean vegetable and pre-prepared vegetable processing to provide direct supply to major terminal customers such as catering companies and schools. Provide direct distribution service.

Post time: Feb-21-2024